Ceolin Jonathan - ila tradizione del ferro battuto a venezia
Our Company above all boasts a experience dictated from one handicraft artistic tradition. All the artistic objects are taken advantage, like in the best traditions, than instruments ' base' it uses you in the times from the fabbri: hammer, anvil, leads, ' sgubbie', ribattini, nail, etc to the aim to produce handicraft articles highly refine to you and of pregio. Our shop realizes one immense range of artistic objects also on proposal and design of the customer. Between which: appliques, fanali, lampadari faithful reproductions of the ' 600-' 700, fanali with glass blown of Wall, chains and rosoni for lampadari, antichi and modern elements of furnishings. The rifinitura of the objects, can be dealt with leaf of gold, porporine, varnishes, pati some antichizzanti.
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